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R&D, 13th Floor, Network 23

20 Minutes Into The Future

Bryce Lynch
7 October 1988
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I'm the head of Research and Development for Network 23. I graduated from the Academy of Computer Sciences, and my days are mainly spent working on whatever takes my fancy until someone comes along and asks me to do something specific.

You may recognize one of the fruits of my labors... his name's Max Headroom.

(Bryce Lynch is a character from the old "Max Headroom" TV series. I don't own the trademark/copyright/whatever, and would ask that however does please not squish me for it. This journal exists for slarti's roleplaying purposes in venues such as dear_multiverse.)
academy of computer sciences, acs, ben cheviot, big time tv, blank reg, blipverts, edison carter, max headroom, network 23, parrots, simulacra, simulation, synaptic scans, theora jones