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R&D, 13th Floor, Network 23
20 Minutes Into The Future
Research Notes 
15 Jan 2010, 02:20 am - ((Answering Machine Thread))
Bryce spends most of his time in the semi-secret R&D labs on the 13th floor of Network 23's massive tower headquarters. There, he works on a variety of projects both for his employers and his own quest for knowledge. Television screens show mostly whatever Net23's playing at the time, and occasionally some of the offerings of Big Time TV, a pirate station operated out of a big pink bus by a couple of acquaintances that tended to show mostly old Sex Pistols music videos and the occasional badly-dubbed Kung Fu action flick.

Some of the systems are tasked specifically with monitoring the interface point between his world's networks and the Multiversal Nexus. It was both strange and yet somehow fitting that it was in the realm of computers and televisions that this world could contact others, rather than any direct physical location.

Having been, as far as he could find, the only person with the exception of Max Headroom to find the interface point, he'd worked some time ago to secure it heavily, locking it down so that he had denial authority on any attempts to cross in either direction -- again, with the exception of Max, whose unique computerized nature made him difficult for even Bryce to police. Thus, visitors weren't welcome unless he allowed it, but a Vid-Phone link remained open so that anyone who wanted to could call him to talk.
9 Oct 2005, 06:25 pm - OOC: Announcing LJlogin 1.0
(x-posted to a few places...)

((Yes, I know, I post so rarely, and now it's an OOC post. Whatever.

Sick of having to wait for login.bml to load and re-load to switch between your LJ accounts? Wish you had something which readily told you which account you were logged into? Well, if you use Firefox, then you're now in luck, as the LJlogin extension will add a widget to the statusbar, displaying the currently logged-in username. Clicking on the widget will pop up a menu, from which you can switch accounts amongst those saved in the Password Manager.

LJlogin is available, as Strong Bad would put it, "cheap as free". Announcements will be made and discussion can be had at ljlogin. Share and Enjoy!))
1 Aug 2005, 09:05 pm(no subject)
Bryce prepared Room 11 for the evening's work, arraying a few separate computers at various stations around the room. Since it's not like he's ever done any of the kinds of experiments that would require custom furniture, he's wheeled in a couple of the larger office chairs he could find. Also wheeled in, on several carts, are assortments of electronic components, assembly tools, and interface cables and connectors. Networking equipment is strewn throughout the room, but most of the computers in the room aren't actually connected to one another. He doesn't want the quarry to have an out unless it's planned for, after all.

Once everything's ready for his visitor, Bryce calls down to Security and tells them that he's expecting a guest, leaving enough details so that they'll be able to recognize him and direct him to the elevator accordingly. After transmitting coordinates for the lobby, he settles in with a ZikZak Burger Pak to watch both the SecuriCam footage (so he can direct the elevator, which ordinarily doesn't stop on the 13th Floor) and whatever's on air at the moment.
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