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OOC: Announcing LJlogin 1.0 
9 Oct 2005, 06:25 pm
(x-posted to a few places...)

((Yes, I know, I post so rarely, and now it's an OOC post. Whatever.

Sick of having to wait for login.bml to load and re-load to switch between your LJ accounts? Wish you had something which readily told you which account you were logged into? Well, if you use Firefox, then you're now in luck, as the LJlogin extension will add a widget to the statusbar, displaying the currently logged-in username. Clicking on the widget will pop up a menu, from which you can switch accounts amongst those saved in the Password Manager.

LJlogin is available, as Strong Bad would put it, "cheap as free". Announcements will be made and discussion can be had at ljlogin. Share and Enjoy!))
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